Percutaneous correction of Tibia Vara with mini ex fix

preoperative picture the child has varus and inernal rotation

3 year old child with tibia vara  The child has varus and internal rotation deformity not correcting on serial follow up.

Proximal  Block is made with 2 K wires inserted parallel to knee joint and perpendicular to the tibia.

Distal block is made with 2 K wires inserted inserted parallel to ankle and perpendicular to distal tibia.

In the transverse plane the proximal wires are in axis of the knee joint ( inter epicondylar axis) and the distal wires 15 degrees internal to bimalleolar axis

The osteotomy is made at CORA with multiple drill holes made in transverse plane and completed with 5 mm osteotome

When the wires are braught parallel the varus and the rotational deformities are corrected

The wires are connected  with miniexternal fixation clamps

An antero posterior anti toggle wire is added to proximal and distal blocks

The fixator is removed once the osteotomy heals generally 6 weeks post op

Step 1

Step 2