Limb Deformilties

Clubfoot, scoliosis, congenital hip dislocation, limb length differences

Cerebral Palsy

Personalised care for all cerebral palsy patients

Spinal Deformity

Our experts give best advise for spinal problems


Proper neurological care, physiotherapy, nutrition helps faster recovery


IPOD Clinic

Institute of Paediatric Orthopaedic Disorders Mumbai India aims at being support to children with orthopaedic and neuromuscular problems from India and other parts of the world. IPOD India has its head office in Mumbai and outreach programmes at more than 15 centres all over India.

Vision for of IPOD is to provide best comprehensive state of the art pediatric orthopedic and rehabilitation services across India and to other countries through a. training, b.partnership with NGOs, healthcare centres and government agencies and reaching out to people.

If you want to know more about IPOD or be associated with its activities please feel free to drop email to